About Future GeekStars

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About Future GeekStars

Future GeekStars is an initiative that was officially launched 06 October 2014 at The Innovation Hub. It is used as a platform to monitor the progression of learners from high school to tertiary level and then to the job market so that the transition is made easy.

The main focus is on skills development and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that will make them be active leaders of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

Geekulcha VacWork (#gkVacWork) is an annual vacation skills development programme that brings together about 50 high school pupils to learn about IT, with a specific focus on mobile app development, Web development, and entrepreneurship skills. It aims to encourage youth to venture into the ICT field to increase work opportunities within the industry.

Geekulcha is promoting the concept of developing software that it `secure by design’. When presenting their solution, the coding teams will have to explain how they integrated security in the software development lifecycle and how they plan to address possible vulnerabilities.

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